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How Life Insurance Can Really Help and When to Buy It

Life insurance is not a necessary entity for one and all; but if you are the sole wage earner of your family and have dependents such as children, spouse and parents, who depend on your payment for their livelihood and for paying mortgages, then of course you do need a life insurance or life cover at the very first place to protect them in the event of any misfortune, when you are no more around to support them.

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What life insurance can give you?

The first and foremost help that a life insurance provides is the assurance it gives about the well being of your family and loved ones even for those chanced and unfortunate moments when you would not be there to support them with your earnings.

The insurance company pays your nominee, the insured amount that depends on the level of cover you have purchased in the policy. It can be a lump-sum amount or in form of regular payments given to the nominee in the event of the death of the insured person. This insurance claim amount can be a life saver for your dependents helping them financially to fulfill all their needs.

Buying insurance is a serious consideration

Deciding whether or not you require to be insured can be tricky. But you should definitely consider having a policy to back you in case you have dependents. And when they primarily depend on you for all their basic requirements, buying insurance is almost mandatory for their well being. Buying insurance helps your nominee or nominees to get financial support from the insurance company to meet their expenses in the event of your death. This becomes extremely important if you have mortgage payments. After all, you don’t want to give your loved ones the burden of paying your mortgages in legacy. Insurance claims can not only be viable for paying your mortgage dues, but also for paying for the education of your kids and supporting your partner financially when you are not there for them.  To understand insurance rules and guidelines of life insurance, you can find more information at California’s Department of Insurance.

When to buy insurance

No one likes to think that they could die ahead of time. But in case of a sudden disaster, the last thing you would want is not having a life insurance in place. Deciding on when to buy life insurance can be different for different persons. For example, the moment you are married and decide to have children, you have already embarked on the path that needs insurance as a prime obligation. It might be possible that your partner had to quit job temporarily for raising kids and you are the sole bread earner for a certain period. Having a life insurance at such junctures virtually assists you to have peace of mind. It is like an automobile insurance, you would never want to use it, but it is quite comforting to have it there.

There is no particular time for buying insurance; the moment you are an earning individual, you need to have an insurance cover in one form or the other to support your loved ones.

Who to buy insurance From

Shopping for a good and reputable insurance can be frustrating and hard to tell at times.  Typically, looking at one’s reviews and asking friends or family are great starting points.  We were fortunate enough to find our agent Nena Soto of State Farm.  After reading her reviews and speaking to her we understood why so many of our friends liked to work with her.  Here is one online review from one of her customers.

If you are in southern California, there are many great agents like Nena Soto.  She was a great option for us.  However, no matter where you live, take the time to feel comfortable with your buying options by learning and talking to a company who puts your family needs first.

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